March 2015

mobile app business plan

In this ongoing blog series, we’re here to ask the important questions. What’s the meaning life? Is there life on other planets? What makes a great mobile app business plan? For the sake of time, we’ll stick with the last one. We’ve already discussed the importance of knowing your audience. You have to know who’s going to love you, but every great love story needs a villain. That’s why this week it’s about the competition.

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app cost

Let’s take a step back. Back to the question of what does an app cost? First, let’s make sure that we’ve answered the question of why do you need an app? What is the purpose of your app? What is the goal of your app? Is there something in existence like a third party solution that can be sufficient for what you’re trying to do in the digital space, like a Mobile Roadie or Square, Squarespace or Etsy, or something that wouldn’t require you to build a custom app?

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